About Us

HP Performance started business in 2006. Our earliest activities revolved around research and development, equipment acquisition, and market research. In 2010, as we were able to produce a core product line for the Hemi engine builder and enthusiast, we changed our name to Hemi Products, LLC, to emphasize our commitment to the Hemi engine market. To some, however, this name created confusion in the marketplace, making it appear that our company was the originator of the Hemi engine. To avoid any future problems we have returned to our roots, using the HP Performance, LLC name.

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HP Performance provides engine builders with the highest quality aluminum and cast iron engine blocks, finished engines, and Engine Parts (heads, intakes, cranks, rods, pistons and a variety of other high quality parts). Our new, improved engine block offers technical and performance improvements, yet still maintains much of the general apperence of the original 426 Hemi Engine. On the inside are many engineering improvements developed by master engine builders over the last 40 years. Our engine block design offers improved performance and reliability for a wide variety of high performance applications.

Engine Blocks

Our hemispherical engine block incorporates important modifications that will help engine builders during assembly. Our design reduces the need to cut or grind the engine block for crank clearance during the engine building process, for example. Our blocks are fully machined, heat treated, stress relieved and ready to assemble. Each block comes with a list of standard parts, including steel billet main caps, steel cylinder sleeves and ARP studs.

We maintain an inventory of new Hemi engine performance parts to make it easier for you to find all the parts required to build or maintain your Hemi engines.

We offer a complete line of new engines built to your specifications. Our professional engine building services can provide you a list of performance options. We will build you a new aluminum or cast iron engine completely assembled, blue printed, and dyno tested and tuned, ready to install. These engines are complete from oil pan to carburetors, tested and ready to ship.

We know good solid engineering, quality materials and hands-on testing always will provide the best performance, reliability and highest quality products.

We believe quality and reliability equal a powerful competitive edge.

Add real horse power and you have a winner!

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