Engines and Blocks

Hemi Products Fully Assembled Engine

HP Performance Complete Engines are offered in 426, 472, 500, 530, 540, 572, 600+ cubic inches.

Max Bore: 4.550
Max Stroke (still using internal oil pick up): 4.750
Max Stroke with external oil Pick up: 5.000
Horsepower: 450 to 1,600+ or you tell us how much you need
Carb: Single 4, two 4 in-line, cross ram, tunnel ram
Fuel Injection: Throttle Body, Stack Injection or Direct Injection
Cams: Hydraulic, Hydraulic Roller, Solid lift, or Full Roller

Aluminum XL and XXL Blocks include steel billet main caps, ARP main studs, steel cylinder sleeves, threaded aluminum freeze plugs. Our complete engines are built with High Performance forged aluminum pistons.


Cast Iron X Blocks include:

    • Steel billet main capsHemi Products Fully Assembled Engine
    • ARP main studs and brass freeze plugs
    • 4340 forged steel nitrated crank shafts
    • ISKY, Comp, Crower, Racer Brown and other cams
    • HP standard port, heavy street heads or High Performance heavy street, raised port Gunslinger competition heads
    • HP Dick Landys stainless steel roller rockers
    • HP High Performance intake manifolds
    • Single 1x4, 2x4 Edelbrock inline or 2x4 Holly inline
    • High Performance Cross Ram, Rat roaster, Edelbrock, Holly or Quick Fuel carburetors
    • High capacity cast aluminum, finned, low profile 7 and 8 quart oil pan

We also offer HP Special and Custom Built blocks:

  • Max Bore: 4.4550web 5815a 
  • Crank Clearence: (internal oil pick up): 4.750
  • Max Stroke (external oil pick up): 5.000
  • Cast Iron X Block STD Deck: 10.725
  • ALuminum XL and XXL Std Deck: 10.725
  • Special Order Blocks (Call) 865-310-7513
  • Tall Deck XXL TD: UP to 11.225
  • Low Deck XXL LD: Specify Deck
  • Half Filled XXL HF: Specify Deck
  • Solid Blocks XXL S-Block: Specify Deck
  • Raised Cam XXLS RC and over-sized bearings

Hemi Products Fully Assembled EngineWe offer builders all the parts to assemble hemispherical head or wedge head engines. We offer fully assembled, balanced and blue printed complete engines, carburetor to oil pan. Dyno tuned and tested, broken in, ready to install. We offer a wide variety of engine parts to help you buiid your projects.


We manufacture many of these parts here in the USA, including:

  • Billet aluminum alternator brackets
  • Billet timming chain covers
  • Cast iron X and Aluminum XL or XXL BLocks
  • HP street and competition aluminum heads
  • Cast aluminum valve covers and valve cover breathers
  • Aluminum intake manifolds
  • Steel billet main caps
  • Ductil iron cylinder sleeves
  • 7 & 8 quart, low profile, finned, cast aluminum oil pans
  • CNC machined billet aluminum air breathers
  • Breather filter elements
  • Fully assembled stainless steel roller rockers, stands and stainless steel rocker shafts