Air Breather Bases — From $399.00


Finally! A breather base that actually fits your carburetors without adapters.

These billet aluminum breather bases start out as a solid piece of aluminum. We machine each piece on a five-axis CNC machine to an exact fit on each carburetor. We do not need any type of adaptor for Holly, Edlebrock or other carbs. They are designed to replace the standard oval fresh air breather on 2 x 4 inline or single four-barrel carburetors.

These breather bottoms are standard design to fit Holly, Edlebrock and others.


NEW! Our newest breather base is a low-profile design that will fit virtually any engine under a stock hood. Put this low-profile base under any of our custom breather tops and you add a high-end custom look and efficient air flow without having to modify your stock hood.



Choose our breather bottom for 2x4-barrel carbs. . .

hab eb 20












. . .or our NEW Six-Pack breather bottom for 3x2-barrel carbs. This beautiful billet aluminum breather base is machined to a very tight fit, matching the three factory Holley two-barrel carburetors. This base will acccept the standard HP breather mounting and hold down kit. The base has a billet top machined to match. The top is embossed with 440-6 Pack 500 HP. The breather will match most stock breather heights using a standard 2 x 20-inch Hemi Products Performance filter element. The base will exchange with any 20” Hemi Products Breather Top.


top 440440 6-pack breather bottom












We offer several machined top designs, such as smooth oval, finned oval to match our finned valve covers, and engraved or engraved tops. 

Air Breather Bases 15" Sizes - See Our Pricing

Air Breather Bases 20" Sizes - See our Pricing