Blocks — From $3,200

Engine Blocks
HP Performance offers cast aluminum hemispherical head or wedge head engine blocks with the stronger improved Hemi bottom end. We cast these blocks in our foundary in California and machine them in our machine shop in Knoxville, Tennessee. These blocks offer heavy cylinder walls even at 4.550 bore. You can easly install a stroker crank up to 4.750 with plenty of crank clearence without the need to use an external oil pick up. Using this new block you can easily build engines over 600 cubic inches.

We offer aluminum and cast iron blocks, and we offer fully assembled hemispherical head and wedge head engines, custom built to you requirments. If you want to build your own engine, we offer a long list of high qualtiy engine parts that we keep in stock for your engine building needs.

Aluminum & Cast Iron Engine Blocks - See our Pricing