Heads — From $2,200


Hemi Products offers aluminum or cast iron engine heads to compliment perfectly your custom Hemi engine project. If you are using our innovative aluminum block you'll be well pleased with our custom aluminum heads. We offer a version for just about every engine building need:

  • Aluminum street, heavy street, or race heads. These head are well designed and support a varity of applcations in three different head designs. Street application standard SS Faria HP valves and flowing aproximatly 355 cfm.
  • Heavy Street Heads. Offer a slightly raised exhaust port +700 lift cam clearence, balanced chambers and polished ports. 425 cfm
  • Arriving Soon: Hemi Products Competiton large valve -- large port heads.

We also stock several different brands of aluminum heads:

  • Stage 5 aluminum street heads. These heads are very well designed with attention to every detail. These heads work extremly well on alll street engines offering strong performance. Top quality parts are used in these heads they are complete with Faria SS valves and are complete except Roller Rockers.
  • Mopar aluminum street heads. Mopar offers a very good design with good street performance. These heads are extremly high quality and are ready to bolt onto your engine.

Aluminum Heads - See our Pricing

If cast iron construction is your preference, we've got you covered!

Hemi Products keeps Mopar cast iron heads in stock. These heads are complete with SS valves, springs and retainers and are ready to bolt on your engine. Standard 2.400 intake valves and 1.940 exhaust valves.

These heads are standard exhaust port height heads will accept standard roller rocker or stock rocker sets.MadeInUSA