Intake Manifolds — From $599


Our intake manifolds are designed for a perfect, tight fit with our custom Hemi blocks. If we build your engine, you'll have the advantage of the close-coupled design and fit of our intake manifolds with the Hemi Products aluminum block. If you're using our block with your own engine build project, we encourage you to add the Hemi Products intake manifold.

Our manifolds are available in a variety of configurations:

  • 2x4 Original Inline Intakes
  • 2x4 High Flow Inline Intakes
  • 2x4 Elb/Holly Inline Intakes
  • Single 4 High Flow Intakes

(The intakes above will all fit under standard factory hoods with stock air breathers).

  • Cross Ram Intakes
  • Rat Roster Intakes
  • Tunnel Ram (Or sheet metal) Intakes

Aluminum Intake Manifolds - See our PricingMadeInUSA