Oil pans — From $169.00



  • 7 quart deep oil pan. Light weight, high capacity, steel oil pan. Zinc Coated.
  • 7 quart painted Hemi Orange. Deep oil pan, light weight, high capacity, steel oil pan.
  • 5 quart chrome steel oil pan. Copy of original factory oil pan. Show chrome finish.
  • 5 quart chrome steel oil pan. Copy of original factory oil pan. Painted Hemi Orange, shiny finish.

Cast Aluminum

High capacity, finned oil pan. 7 quart or 8 quart. Rough, as cast finish or highly polished to a quality show finish. Designed as a low profile, high capacity oil pan that offers good ground clearance. Heavy, rugged cast aluminum material designed to be very strong and withstand a tremendous amount of abuse. Offers a tilted bottom to assure the last drop of oil is removed during oil changes. Heavy wide fins on the bottom of oil pan are engineered to function as an oil cooler. As air moves across the wide, heavy fins, the highly heat conductive aluminum removes the heat from the oil system to help keep engine oil cool. Has a built-in windage tray to reduce wind velocity inside the oil pan area. It also is designed to accept oil dip stick on either driver or passenger side of oil pan.

NOTE:  The 8 quart pan is a high capacity oil pan designed for tubular or modified Mopar frames and chassis. WILL NOT fit stock Mopar frames. Please call to discuss before ordering the 8 quart oil pan. The 7 quart pan is a perfect fit for all stock Mopar frames and chassis.

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